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   BRCGS Issue 9 Conversion - Consulting & Training 



There are many government funding programs currently in place, either federally or provincially sponsored and sometimes jointly. Identifying which ones apply to your operation and fit your priorities can be a challenge. Having the expertise and resources available to deal with a complicated, multi-stage application process may be beyond your capacity. We have the expertise and resources to help you to decide if a specific funding program is applicable to your operation, and whether the cost of participating is worth the pay-out related to the specific funding program.   

Control of your food Safety & Quality management Systems are the first step to success!

Enhance the control of your Food Safety & Quality Management  Systems

HAPA was founded to provide expert assistance, training and advice relating to the manufacturing of your product. We believe that sound quality systems and a well-trained staff ensure a better quality product. A Food Safety & Quality Management system can actually help minimize the cost of production. Maximizing product quality provides savings for your company through fewer customer returns and minimal product recall.


Our team provides personalized care and support to your unique operation. We don’t present you our findings and walk away! We offer advice for correcting any deficiencies. We emphasize aspects of the operation, which are critical to ensuring quality. We offer training courses and consultation for all levels of the company. We believe that the key to success is a trained and empowered staff.


HAPA provides service beyond the Audit! Our associates provide on-going service and support to your organization. We explore many different avenues such as HACCP, Internal Audits, Vendor / Supplier Approval, Ingredient Declarations, Nutritional Labelling and Integrated Pest Management. We work with your team to provide solutions to all your Quality Management need!

At the heart of it

HAPA has developed a detailed Gap Assessment program, which evaluates both the quality and food safety components of your Food Safety Quality Management Program and System. Our program is applicable to all food manufacturing, primary and secondary packaging, distribution, retail, food service and hospitality organizations. Gap Assessments are conducted as training exercise for your employees and you are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

Recommendations are provided for continuous process improvement of your Food Safety Quality Management.

HAPA’s team of Food Safety Professionals can develop specific Food Safety Quality Management and Systems Programs based on your individual requirements. This may include gap analysis of your systems, supplier audits to review quality management systems, review of specifications in order to minimize testing of raw material where appropriate for cost savings.

The way you look at Quality says a lot about you

At HAPA we focus on food manufacturing, food Service and associated periphery industries through Food Safety and Quality Management programs.
Our goal is to assist the food industry with Quality Systems Solutions through continuous process improvement. This is accomplished through cost-effective training and teaching programs, along with system gap analysis and food safety audits. Our Food Safety Quality Management Professionals at HAPA have an average of twenty plus years of experience with various food processing industries.

Quality Systems

HAPA’s Quality Management Food Safety Professionals develop Food Safety Quality Systems as required. These include policy, procedures, written work instructions and forms. We can develop and review Master Cleaning Schedules and Sanitation Procedures. These documents are developed based on the appropriate programs that facilities are operating under (e.g. Safe Foods For Canadians, GFSI, etc.) 

At a glance

Quality Systems

  • Develop and review quality systems: BRCGS ( All programs), SQF, IFS, IFS PACsecure, FSSC 22000, Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)

  • Write policy and procedures

  • Develop work instructions and provide training for Operational Process Control Points, Control Points, and Critical Control Points

  • Provide Continuous Process Improvement to quality systems

  • Develop and review Master Cleaning Schedules

  • Develop and review Sanitation Procedures

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

  • Train staff to conduct HACCP studies

  • Conduct actual HACCP studies

  • Provide appropriate documentation for studies

  • Review completed studies


  • Conduct Supplier Audits

  • Review supplier's quality systems

  • Obtain all information for Supplier Approval

  • Obtain Supplier Specifications

  • Review accuracy of specifications

  • Reduce incoming material testing

  • Conduct Supplier Vulnerabitity studies with respect to food fraud


Internal Audits

  • Conduct independent 3rd party audits of Quality Management Food Safety Program

  • Assist with development and implementation of corrective actions

  • Verify effectiveness of implemented corrective actions 

  • Conduct monthly GMP/Premise Audits

  • Conduct Glass/Brittle Plastics and Ceramic Audits

  • Conduct environmental swabbing program

Integrated Pest Management

  • Thorough evaluation of pest control programs as incorporated into the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy


  • Review and develop ingredient declarations & nutritional labelling

  • Provide internal audit support to assist with development Implementation of correct action verify corrective action

  • Assist with recalls and withdrawals 

  • Assist with Crisis Management 

Training and Education

  • Gluten Free Certification Training

  • GFSI Overview training (BRCGS, SQF, IFS, FSSC 22000)

  • BRCGS Global Standards for Food Safety conversion Issue 8 to Issue 9

  • New employee induction training

  • Annual employee training

  • Good Manufacturing Practices training

  • Audit training

  • Team work training

  • Allergen training

  • Internal Audit training

  • Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations training


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